Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Gosh, it seems like it was JUST St. Patrick’s Day! Time sure is flying by… We had a lovely, but hectic Easter, which is par for the course with us for holidays. Our Easter celebration for this year began last week when we went to my mother’s for an early Easter dinner. We also go to see her this past Saturday when she and I took my girls to my grandmother’s (Dad’s mother) for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The girls had a great deal of fun with that – my older daughter got to “pal around” with her younger cousin, who was also there, and my youngest was big enough this year to actually carry a little basket and look for eggs on her own! Of course, she was nowhere near as fast as all of the other kids (and there were tons!) and even though they set a limit of 10 eggs per child, there were none left to be found by my little one. Not to worry though – one nice woman walked by and dropped one into her basket, and another woman saw her near empty basket, and said that her kids had taken more than their 10, so they had us walk down the hall and they hid some for her to find. So that was very sweet of them! And really, she couldn’t have the candy, but she had a ton of fun finding the eggs and putting them in her basket.

On Sunday, our girls got up and searched for their baskets. My littlest one’s basket was out in plain sight, but for some reason she was a little shy about walking over to it. My older girl’s basket was hidden in the front hall closet – the closet door was open, but the door to our family room was open next to it and that was obscuring it from view – the Easter Bunny was trickier this year for her, than in years past! I had put together and hidden plastic Easter eggs for my girls to have another egg hunt – something that I started last Easter – and they both enjoyed that. I’m sure the Easter Bunny would hide eggs for me, but I figure it’s easier for me to do it, and then I can tell them how many eggs they are looking for. We left a plate with carrots on the counter – my 7 year old’s idea – she was very concerned that the Easter Bunny must get hungry making all of those deliveries! And sure enough, he ate the carrots and left a little bowl filled with jellybeans, so that was nice! Fortunately, the Easter Bunny leaves more little toys and things, and not a huge basket filled with candy – my husband and I appreciate that! This year my girls each got a stuffed bunny, a dvd, and a couple of books – board books for my littlest one and a couple of “chapter” books for my 1st grader. Our older daughter also gets some candy, but thankfully she is not a big candy eater, so hopefully that will save us some cavities in the future!

Finally, we went to my Dad’s and enjoyed brunch in two shifts – first with my stepmother’s family, and second with my Dad’s side of the family.

My girl was sad this morning, that Easter is over and we’ll be taking down all of the Easter decorations soon (because you know I have a ton of them!), but I reminded her that we have some family birthday celebrations coming up soon, and in a few more months it will be the 4th of July, which is one of her favorite holidays! There is always something right around the corner to look forward to!


Teamcarbone said...

That is a very sweet picture of the girls. Your LO is looking more like you! The egg hunt sounds like a fun time I'm glad you LO got some treats.

Deanna said...

I did Chrissy's "look-alike" thing on My and actually, my littlest one looks 8% more like me than Drew, and my older one looks 4% more like me than Drew -- so pretty darn close to both of us!