Thursday, May 18, 2017

Third Time's a Charm

Sitting in the kitchen, chatting with my littlest girlie after school today and she tells me that she lost one of her favorite books at school.  She said one of her teachers helped her find it by saying, "Maybe it's over on the shelf over there."  My girl told me that while he said that, she looked over at the shelf, recognized her book and bookmark sticking out of it, and ran over to grab the book ad hug it!  She said then she ran out of the room (I believe to catch her bus).  I said, "Did you say thank you to your teacher?"  And she said, yes.  I said, "Did you?"  She said, yes.  I said, "Did you?"  And with a smile she said, "probably not!"  This has been a routine we have gone through since she was a toddler just learning to talk.  If I knew the answer to a question (which I usually do -- she thinks moms are magical and all-knowing -- that will likely change when she is a teenager), I would ask her, she would decline, I'd ask two more times and finally she would 'fess up to whatever it was!  (It used to be, "did you brush your teeth?" or "did you feed the dog...")  In my experience with her, it's usually forgetfulness on her part and the first two questions give her a few moments to gather her thoughts.  I find it cute because it reminds me of when she was a little, little girl!

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