Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Easy Make Your Own Manger for Kids

Last weekend, my Sunday School class and I made these adorable little make your own mangers - a craft that I found on Pinterest!  I teach Sunday School to 8 third graders (my own third grader included!) and I am always looking for easy, not too messy things for us to do during class!  This craft only involved brown paper lunch bags, newspaper (1 piece crumpled in the bottom for stability and space filler!), yellow tissue paper cut into strips, a print-out from the website that originally posted it (link below), scissors, tape and crayons.  The website has the picture of the star and the baby Jesus in color, but my class likes to color, so when I printed, I chose to print it "grayscale" so it came out in black and white and then my class added their own colors!  This came out so cute -- we made enough for each child to take one home, and we left one extra on the table in the rectory for our pastor to enjoy!

Click here to get the full directions and to print out the star and Baby Jesus for your own manger! 

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