Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cell Phone Wish List

I have found a new use for my cell phone! For the past 6 months or so, when I have been at the store with my girls and they start pointing out things they want for Christmas (or birthday, or just in general!), I whip out my cell phone and take a picture of the child with the item they are requesting. Lots of times I’m able to even include the price in the photo so that I have it for budgeting purposes!
I also use the camera on my cell phone when I am in a store by myself and I see something that I know one of my family members would love to receive as a gift. And once in a while if I see something that I would like for myself, I’ll snap a picture and send it to my husband or parents as a gift idea! I always have my phone with me and it’s a great way for me to remember things that we see throughout the year and may forget by the time the rush of the holiday season is in full swing.

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