Monday, September 3, 2012

"Diner Night" at Home

For the most part, my girls are polar opposites when it comes to the food they like to eat.  My eldest is getting closer to becoming a vegetarian each day, and my youngest is more of a carnivore.  My eldest loves veggies and is not too into fruit.  Her little sister is just the opposite!  My eldest loves pizza and pasta, my little one doesn't like either of those!  And as the primary "chef" in the house -- my frustration is growing...  One thing they do agree on?  They LOVE the local diner!  We have taken them to the diner a few times over the past year or so and they both love it -- my youngest loves the milkshakes and my eldest loves getting french fries and gravy.  We can't afford (money-wise or calorie-wise!) to eat at the diner as often as they would like, but the other night I surprised them with my version of Diner Night at home.

I made turkey sliders, which thankfully is something they both can agree on -- I use lean, ground turkey and mix in a half packet of Lipton's dry Onion Soup Mix.  Much less fattening than a diner burger!  I form small patties -- usually 8 to 10 out of 1 lb of meat -- and I cook them on my George Foreman Grill (love it!).  We had slider rolls, but if I didn't have those on hand I would use whatever I have -- cut up hot dog or hamburger rolls, biscuits, dinner rolls, etc.  We baked french fries in the oven and I just used one of those dry packets of turkey gravy that I had on hand - super quick and easy and only 20cals per serving.  I served mixed veggies (which they would not get at the diner), and for a special treat I made homemade milkshakes!  I used 2 cups of vanilla ice cream, 1 cup of 1% milk, and 1 tsp of vanilla.  I put this in the blender until it was smooth.  I split this into two glasses for the girls, topped it with a little low-fat whipped cream and popped a "bendy" straw in -- big hit with the girls!  I made myself a chocolate shake, following the same recipe but substituting chocolate ice cream. 

It was a fun meal, something different for us to have at home, and while the girls enjoyed their "diner fare" I was happy about being able to control the portions and the calories!

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