Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Recess

It’s February Recess and alas, we are not flying off to some warm vacation spot or even driving to visit relatives. I was off work for three weeks for my gall bladder surgery, so I’m not able to take any time off this week other than my usual Friday. My husband is also only off on Friday this week, and so the girls are hanging with Grandpa for most of the week! Yesterday he took them on a drive out to visit his brother, Uncle Dave, and the girls delighted in seeing his Malti-Poo dog, “Spanky” and they enjoyed going out to lunch with Grandpa and Uncle Dave. They are planning a few more visits like that – out to see Great Grandma, and hopefully out my way for lunch this week, too!

Sunday my husband was off and the four of us went to visit Great Grandma, went to Chili’s for an early dinner, and went to Michael’s Crafts to spend some gift cards that Grammy gave my eldest and I for Christmas. I was thrilled to buy some St. Patrick’s Day decorations (my supply has been VERY limited – appalling, considering how much Irish pride we have in our house!) and my eldest bought some cute wooden birdhouses that she is looking forward to painting and decorating to make homes for some clay figures that she created. So that will keep her busy this week! The weather has been beautiful today, for upstate NY in February! Hopefully they will get to enjoy taking Grandpa’s dog for walks around the block and also get some time on the swings in the backyard!

Today my eldest baked a cake in honor of "Link" from the Legend of Zelda -- this is her favorite video game and apparently today is Link's 26th birthday. My husband and I joined in with the girls as we sang Happy Birthday to Link and then we all had a piece of cake. We also talked about our plans for Friday -- my husband and I were voting for a trip to the zoo, my youngest wants us to rearrange the furniture in her bedroom and my eldest wants us to clean the basement so that she and her sister can create an art studio down there... We'll see who wins out on Friday!

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