Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy 13th Anniversary!

My husband and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary today (so I'll keep this short)! We went to a concert two weekends ago and got to have an adult evening out, so that was sort of a pre-celebration, and this past Friday, we were both off so we got to spend the day together. Friday night we took the girls out to dinner -- Red Lobster - not super fancy, but still a special evening out! Saturday night we all watched the wedding video -- our little tradition! And tonight we are going to have a nice, romantic dinner after the girls go to bed! As a special surprise this year, our eldest just showed us a video that she made for us on Windows Movie Maker. Very sweet -- this is something she learned from her cousins when we were in Long Island and she's always making cute videos now. We just loved it and I asked her to teach me how to use it -- I'd love to turn some pictures into videos (vacation, etc.!), set them to music and burn them to a dvd -- great way of storing pictures, too!

So, happy anniversary to my wonderful husband -- truly, he and the girls are the loves of my life -- I don't know what I would do without them!

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