Monday, August 29, 2011

Adjusting to Kindergarten

The most depressing thing came in the mail today! Not a bill -- a BUS pass with my little baby's name on it! How is it possible that a big, yellow school bus thinks it's going to come to my house next week and whisk my precious, little baby off to school? (Isn't she the sweetest? That's her at this year's Laura Ingalls Wilder Day at the Genesee Country Village.) It's going to be an adjustment -- I hope I'm mature enough to handle it! ;) I'm taking the day off of work so that I can get her on the bus (with her older sister!) in the morning, cry my eyes out, and then get her off the bus at lunch time -- it's going to be a busy day! Wish us luck! (I'm sure she'll do great!)


Christine said...

I love this picture!!!! She's going to do JUST GREAT! I know it!!! Did you do orientation yet? I can't remember if it was today or tomorrow (last year!) She's going to be perfect there!!! Wow,the time has gone so fast!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Thanks, me too! I got a few cute ones -- she was NOT into posing this year (other than this picture...). The last couple of years I've gotten some really lovely shots of the girls (all 3) -- I like when I can get them with just the historical setting around them -- no guys in Hawaiian shirts...

Orientation's on 9/20 (just saw that on the schedule last night!) -- I don't know that I remember that from my first girlie... It's been over 5 years -- it's a blur.

We'll see how it goes -- I'm excited to see how she does -- I hope well, and I hope she enjoys it!!