Friday, July 22, 2011

Easy & Kid-Friendly Game for the Pool

It has been hotter than hot here and we are counting our blessings that we have our pool to enjoy! This summer has been really great - not only has the weather allowed us plenty of opportunities to use the pool, but my youngest daughter has blossomed into quite the little swimmer! She took swimming lessons last year, and for two weeks again earlier this summer, but it was the week after the lessons were over that her confidence and skills grew tremendously. She is swimming like a fish, jumping into the pool (shallow and deep end) and it's hard to get her out! Her new independence in the pool has been wonderful - I commented to my elder daughter today, that this summer her sister is able to hold her own and really be a fun playmate in the water!

One of our favorite games to play in the pool (and we were able to play it last year even when my littlest girl wasn't as skilled in the pool) is "What Time is it Mr. Fox." This is a fun little game that my eldest daughter learned (on dry land) as a 3-year-old in preschool. She loved the game, and one day I thought, "Let's try that in the pool!" The kids love it! One player, "Mr. Fox", stands on one side of the shallow end, facing out of the pool. The other players stand on the opposite side of the pool/shallow end, facing Mr. Fox. They yell, "What time is it Mr. Fox?" and Mr. Fox will call out a time, such as "4 o'clock." The other players then take 4 steps toward Mr. Fox. This continues until Mr. Fox yells, "Midnight!" and then turns and chases after the other players. Whoever Mr. Fox tags is the next Mr. Fox.

It's a super easy game and it can be played with a number of players, depending on the size of your pool. It's also a nice counting exercise for your little ones.

I'd love to hear any ideas that you would like to share for kid-friendly pool games!

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