Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - 2011

My girls are tucked into bed after a busy Mother's Day! They let me sleep in this morning (yay!) and woke me up with cards and their traditional breakfast in bed. I always love it, no matter what they make, but I must say that as they get older the menu improves! ;) This morning it was cereal with a cut-up banana, a bagel and a glass of orange juice. Daddy had gotten up early and ran to the store for donuts, so they had a donut for breakfast but my littlest daughter sat next to me eyeing my breakfast and I was happy to share! I enjoyed visiting with my mom (who lives in Florida) on the phone, and then we were up and out in the yard planting all of the wonderful plants that my family let me pick out at the garden store the day before! The plants were part of my Mother's Day gift -- the other big part was my husband planting them! He's not an enthusiastic gardener, but we all worked together -- he and I digging and planting, and the girls were the waterers with their buckets filled with water.

Then after cleaning up, we were off to my aunt's house to have a bbq with the family and to visit with my grandmother. We got home in time for a quick bath for my little one while my 10-year-old wrote a bedtime story for her little sister, called "A Tea Party." We called and wished Grammy (my mother-in-law) a happy Mother's Day and then I read the story to the girls and tucked them into bed. Our celebration continues tomorrow -- I have the afternoon off to join my 4-year-old in her preschool class for their special Mother's Day celebration -- I can't wait!

I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day, too!

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