Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick & Easy Valentine's Day Decorations

My girls and I love to decorate for the holidays or the different seasons, and we were getting a little tired of the snowmen decorations (and the snow...). The snowmen were what we had kept out from the Christmas decorations after we removed all of the Santas and took down the Christmas trees. I have collected a few Valentine's Day decorations, but the house was feeling a little bare, so I came up with a free and simple solution! I went through the construction paper that we had in the cupboard and I pulled out any of the red, pink (the other side of the green hearts...), or purple paper that we had. The girls and I cut out hearts in different sizes, and we taped them on the large front window in the dining room and the sliding glass door and windows in the living room. The girls also took a couple of hearts and taped them to their bedroom windows. Now, I "splurged" and spent $1.99 on a packet of white, lacy paper hearts at the store, and we mixed those in as well. But next year, I think we'll just make our own "lacy" hearts by cutting out hearts and then folding them and cutting them as though we were making snowflakes. It was a fun and quick little project that made the house look festive for Valentine's Day! We are planning to keep those up for the month of February, and then we'll switch over to shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day!

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