Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update to Bedroom Makeover

As I mentioned the other day, we decided to give our 9-year-old a bedroom makeover to start off the new school year. She had had her previous wall color and room setup since her 3rd birthday, when we gave her her first "big girl bed" as a present. Unfortunately, I am realizing that I don't have any "before pictures", which is too bad because the room has undergone a huge transformation! One of the best parts about this big transformation? It only cost us the price of the paint! We got a lot of bang for our buck simply by moving her furniture around and painting her room! When Grandpa and Gramby were getting ready to move, they gave my girl their old bedding including sheers and swags for the windows. We were using them in her pink room (the bedding has a light yellow background with pink, purple and blue flowers that have green leaves and stems) -- it did have all of the same colors as in her room, but it just wasn't working for me... Somehow in this new arrangement, with the new wall color and the new way that I used the swags on her bed -- it's a huge improvement!

In her "old" room, we had a wonderful, large, wooden dresser with a hutch (free find from our dear friend Michael!) that was on the wall to your right when you entered her room. By moving this over to the left of the door and replacing it with a little vanity table / desk (handed down from Great Grandma!) it really opens up that part of the room and gives the illusion of more space. Over her desk we hung a photo collage of family pictures -- every picture has my girl in it with her family members! I found this beautiful frame a few years ago at the Christmas Tree Shop -- for $20! We just relocated it in her room and now she can look at her favorite pictures when she is at her desk. The cube shelf under the window was purchased at Target a few years ago -- I believe for around $30. With the purchase of the fabric "drawers" ($8 at Target?) it gives her some extra storage space and the open shelves are great for storing her books.

So, we are still working with the kelly green plush carpet, but it somehow seems to fit in better with the new wall color and it's in good shape and my girl likes it, so we'll go with it! And it's hard to tell in this picture, but the new furniture arrangement gives her a huge amount of space! There is enough room to easily accommodate at least a queen-sized air mattress, which is great for sleepovers and visits from our extended family. And she loves to lie on the floor with her big drawing pad and her art set and draw pictures for her stories. She can lie in bed and watch her tv which is at the foot of her bed now -- her sister loves to come in and lie on the bed to watch tv, too! Removing the Barbie house and huge tub of accessories and dolls also gave her a lot of room. And her dad contributed a couple of his old Beatles albums to help decorate her wall (and help show her newly acquired love of the Beatles).

Just a can of paint, some furniture rearranging, and some de-cluttering gave our 9-year-old a much-needed update for her room, and it's helping her to start the 4th grade on the right foot!

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