Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miss Me?

I miss you! I'm still here -- bad blogger... The day after Movie Night, we had 13 of our wonderful family members (15, if you include 2 of the canine persuasion!) come to visit for four days! My mother-in-law (Grammy) and her sister (Cici) were wise, and opted to stay at the hotel around the corner. That left 15 of us (and 2 visiting dogs... and our 1, irritated cat) staying at our house! WHEW! We had a great time, although I finally succumbed to a cold on their second day here, and my littlest one had been battling a cold for a few days before their arrival. My 9-year-old was in her glory, having her cousins here, in particular, her "twin" cousin and "BFF" who will be turning 9 in a couple of weeks. We did not venture out too much -- the kids enjoyed playing outside in the snow, we took everyone on a tour of Grandpa and Gramby's new house which is in the process of being built, we did go sledding at the golf course up the road and that was one of the highlights, for sure! Several trips to the grocery store, Target, church, a belated Christmas celebration, a slightly belated birthday celebration for my husband, lots of game playing, lots of Olympic watching, and LOTS of talking and laughter! I have some cute pictures to share (although apparently, I have not yet uploaded them off my camera, so I will share them later...)! We certainly enjoyed our February recess with our family -- I hope you enjoyed yours as well!


Christine said...

Yes, I missed you!!!

You know, when you have that many people you hardly need to plan anything to keep everyone entertained. Everyone together is entertaining enough.

It sounds like a nice time and rest assured it will be one of those times that the girls remember when they are older. "Remember when we would all come to visit?" My cousin and I still talk about Sunday Dinner over at our Grandparents house. My Aunt often says she would give anything to have one more Sunday like that.

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I know -- you are right! Actually, I think also CLEANING prior to big family gatherings like this is probably optional! Within mere moments you just couldn't tell that we had spent all day cleaning! ;)

I feel exactly the same about Christmas Eves at my grandmother's house, and Thanksgiving weekends at my grandparents' house in NH. I am sure my girls will have wonderful memories of these large family gatherings too!