Friday, December 19, 2008

After the Playdate!

The other day, my littlest girlie and I enjoyed a playdate with two of my friends and their daughters. We invited them over for a little lunch and a lot of fun playing with all of the toys, listening to holiday music, and some grown-up girl talk! They are all getting to the age where they can actually play nicely together -- hence the time for the girl talk!! Here's how the kids looked by the end of the playdate -- it was obviously nap time, and they were ready!! (So were the moms, to be honest...)


Teamcarbone said...

Oh what a great picture! I love how nice they all played together although I wish we had more "girl" chat time it's been sooo long.

Thanks again for hosting our play date.

Christine said...

I just love this picture!!!

Deanna said...

Loved this too! It's fun to get together and the girls definitely get something out of it too, so that makes it twice as nice!