Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And this was one of the GOOD ones!

Tackled the always enjoyable task of taking a picture for our annual holiday cards... This was one of the GOOD ones of our littlest girlie! My father was a professional photographer (now retired to take care of the girls - thanks, Dad!) and when my older daughter was young, we used to call her the "One Take Kid" -- you could set up a shot, take the picture, and almost always be assured that it came out great the first time! My dad would humor me and take picture after picture just to make sure that he got a good one, and usually, he could have stopped after the first one - she was great!

Well, no two kids are alike, and as much as my older daughter loves to ham it up for the camera, her sister HATES to have her picture taken! (I believe that she expressed her feelings quite well in the picture above...)

She has just plunged head first into her job of being a two-year-old! And she is VERY good at it... Maybe next year's holiday picture will be easier... Or maybe we'll have to try an action shot and catch our little one in motion!


Christine said...

Well I got the real one today and it was adorable!

Deanna said...

Oh thank you -- it did come out pretty cute -- unfortunately I compare everything to their first holiday card picture together -- that was fabulous!