Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daddy's Omelette Recipe

My husband has always made great omelettes (his brother does, too -- must be a family thing!) and he has taught our girl how to make them as well. She loves to help out in the kitchen, and this is always a fun, bonding moment for the two of them. She played waitress and took all of our orders, and then together they whipped up made-to-order omelettes for breakfast. She can mix up the omelette recipe on her own, for the most part -- she's even a great egg cracker! Then Daddy does the cooking on the stove. Their usual omelette mix is as follows:

Daddy's Omelette Recipe

3 eggs (more or less, depending on hunger!)
A few splashes of Red Hot Sauce (adds great flavor, not heat)
American Cheese, broken into little pieces (any cheese will do)
Garlic salt
Dash of water

Mix this all thoroughly with a whisk, adding the cheese last. Pour into a hot, greased (butter or non-stick spray) frying/omelette pan and as it starts to cook on the bottom, slowly and carefully run your spatula around the edge of the pan, lifting the eggs until you can carefully flip one side onto the other when the middle is just about cooked.

Sometimes they add other ingredients like ham, turkey, black olives -- whatever you have in the fridge that sounds yummy for your omelette! Enjoy!


Catherine Amico said...

Love the new "make over" --- Missing you at work, but it looks like you are having a great time with the family. Enjoy the sun today and I'll see you on Wednesday.


Deanna said...

Thanks! Glad you like it! I miss you girls too! The girls don't have dance on Thursday, so we should have no problem coming to the BBQ!