Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sister, Sister

I must admit -- I am a little jealous of my girls... I am an only child, and while at times it was great not having to share my things, and getting all the attention from my parents, sometimes it was a real bummer, not having someone to share my things with and getting ALL the attention from my parents! ;)

I think my girls are SO lucky to have each other, and each day I see them growing closer together and having more opportunities to do things together. With the age difference (5-1/2 years), I always worried that they wouldn't be able to play together, but as our little one grows they seem to enjoy each other's company more and more. Except when they are getting on each other's nerves, of course... But that's a sibling thing, right? Yesterday afternoon when my older daughter got home from school, she decided that she wanted to get into her jammies and snuggle up on the couch with Mommy (who was home sick from work) and her 10 Webkinz... Well, the little one saw this and she wanted in on the fun, too! So she came over with her own blanket, and hoisted herself up onto the couch and snuggled in with her sister. A few minutes later, she reached over nonchalantly, picked up one of her sister's Webkinz, and hefted it over her shoulder and onto the floor behind the couch. "KIKI!" my older daughter shouted, "NO, NO!" And she got up, walked around the couch and the end table and the chair, and went behind us to pick up the fallen Webkinz. As she was on her way back to her snuggly spot on couch, Kiki picked up another Webkinz and tossed it over -- all the while keeping her face totally expressionless, not turning to look where she was dropping the stuffed animal, all just very casual. So her sister gets back to her spot on the couch, sees that yet another Webkinz was missing, shouted again, and got up and went back around the couch to save it. And once again, while she had her back turned and was on her way back around -- you guessed it, another one was tossed. I watched this whole thing for at least 5 or 6 turns and finally my little one started giggling and her older sister caught on to the game and they played this back and forth for quite some time. I was cracking up -- it was quite entertaining!

Later, the two of them were sitting side by side at the kitchen table trying to share the Little People house and the Little People -- they had their moments, but sharing is a relatively new concept to both of them, so there were some conflicts! Enter Mom with the patented, "If you can't share nicely, then no one will play with it!"

But for the most part, they are sweet, loving sisters and I couldn't be more thrilled with the special relationship that they share. When we were at our daughter's dance recital last weekend, I thought the most touching moment (caught on the dvd that we purchased, thankfully!!) was at the end of the first performance, when all the girls took their final pose, and my girl had her arms up in the air in almost a circle over her head, fingers touching gracefully (if I had gone to dance class, I might be able to tell you what that position is...). Our little one, completely excited about seeing her sister on stage yelled, "LULU" (really, my daughters have beautiful first names, I'm not sure where they got these nicknames from...) and Lulu, hearing her little sister, gently waved the fingers on her one hand - not breaking her pose - to show her sister that she heard her. It was SO sweet, I thought I would about burst!

On Father's Day, my oldest daughter said to me at bedtime, "Mommy, I wish there was a Sibling Day, like how they have Mother's Day and Father's Day. So we could make a cake and make cards and show our siblings how much we love them!" Well, my dear, you can bet that Mommy will be implementing that new holiday in our house! And of course, I'll be happy to tell you all about it! :)

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Teamcarbone said...

Awe that is so darn sweet! Heart Crush as a friend of my puts it!