Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lunch and a Show!

Today I was treated to a lovely surprise by my 6 year old daughter. She surprised me with lunch (a bologna & mustard sandwich -- much better than her first attempt today, which was a mustard and mayonnaise sandwich... -- and a Tootsie Pop for dessert) and a play that she put on while I ate my lunch.

This was a great activity that kept her quite entertained this afternoon (wish I could take credit, but she thought it up on her own!) -- she spent a great deal of time making drawings and cutting them out, and then she used them as puppets and put on a puppet show! She had been reading one of her "My First Little House" books, which are short stories taken from the real Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, but these have full-color illustrations and are great for new readers.

While reading the Christmas book today, she got the idea to make "puppets" of all of the characters in the book -- Ma, Pa, Laura, Mary, Baby Carrie, Jack the bulldog, along with Uncle Peter, Aunt Eliza, and the cousins -- and then she made up some other puppet props -- the Little House in Wisconsin (Big Woods and all), snow, etc. Then she sat in a chair in our living room and used the back of it as her puppet stage. She opened up the book and read that as a narration, and held up the puppets to illustrate her story -- it was quite creative and very entertaining!

I give her full credit for coming up with this idea, but I thought I'd pass it along as a great idea that anyone could use for entertaining their kids -- pick a favorite easy-read book, give the kids some art supplies and let them make their own puppets. When they are finished, you can help them to put on their own puppet show!


Christine said...

Ok you know THAT Is a puppet show I would love to see!

Deanna said...

And you just MAY see it! It's on an extended run at our house right now -- she has made even MORE puppets and food (although, in particular, I don't believe they had Chex Mix in the Big Woods...) to go along with her story. AND, we had to have the Little House (season 3, I believe) dvd's on today while she played with her puppets -- she said they were Laura's "home movies." She also asked if they had Gameboy when Laura was little -- obviously she needs a refresher on life on the prairie.

Christine said...

Um ok that "home movies" is killing me!

Get her a pink balloon that she can blow up for a pigs bladder!

Deanna said...

Now there's an idea! Yes, I'm sure that anyone reading this (Kristin) can not imagine what we are talking about!

Christine said...

Oh well, Makayla will know-We'll make sure of it!